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About us
Mobile-Globe, the first international mobile operator, is the first of its kind in this category. We offer a service that combines savings brought by the Internet, along with all the advantages of a classic carrier.

Our objective is simple: to enable you to call from your mobile phone at extremely low costs, while making it as simple as possible...

Today many operators offer you the possibility to call from home with an internet box or even from your computer at very low prices. At Mobile-Globe, we consider that a computer is not really made for phone calls, and that telephones are a real step back in time. Mobile phones work well, so much the better. And even if Internet is changing the cost of telephony, we don’t see why it should change our way to make phone calls.

With the launching of MGsoft in 2006, we have started to lower the costs of mobile communications from France to the international.

In the second trimester of 2007, we put forward a way that also enabled you to call from abroad at low costs, and thus in worldwide exclusivity. Our final objective within this one-year is to offer you a global solution in which short and long distance calls will cost nothing, or almost nothing...