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Why choose MobileGlobe ?
Save up to 90% on your international phone calls
The first objective of MobileGlobe is to provide you the best rates for your calls to all foreign countries and when you’re abroad, while keeping it simple for you.
Save up to 90% on your international calls!

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Cheaper and simpler than calling cards
MobileGlobe only has advantages compared to prepaid cards. You don’t need to type a complicated password everytime you call anymore. Furthermore there is no hidden cost: no more bad surprise when you realize that you have only half the amount of minuts you thought you had bought!

Calling cards MobileGlobe
Similar quality as mobile operators
Works with any phone
No need for a PIN code
Transparent rates: no hidden cost
Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
Unlimited offer for heavy users
Enjoy the advantages of Voice over IP without the downside
MobileGlobe allows you to call everywhere in the world for nothing, or almost nothing, just like the various VoIP providers. But you can use MobileGlobe anywhere at anytime, even without an internet connection!

Voice over IP MobileGlobe
Available anywhere at any time
Works with any phone
Similar quality as mobile operators
Different offers fitting different uses
MobileGlobe offers different products fitting the needs of our different users. SmartPhone owners have access to our applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry but everyone can enjoy the MobileGlobe rates with any phone thanks to MobileGlobe Direct and MobileGlobe CallBack !

You’re calling abroad a lot? Then MobileGlobe Unlimited is perfect for you. Call in 38 countries with no limit for only 9,99 € per month !
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