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MobileGlobe for Android
Make cheap international calls and SMS to all your friends in the world! No WiFi or 3G needed, nothing to do. You just download MobileGlobe for Android and place your calls as you are used to.

Download the MobileGlobe application for free!

With MobileGlobe for Android, you save up to 90% on your international calls and SMS. The application runs in the background, which means it is automatic. You will never have to worry about the cost of your international calls. It works anytime, anywhere, and doesn't come with an additional contact list to manage!

  • No WiFi or 3G connection needed – MobileGlobe uses your local plan to connect your calls
  • Cheap international calls & SMS - Save up to 90% with some of the world’s lowest rates
  • No local number or anything to do – just dial the number you want to call as you are used to. If it is international, it will go through MobileGlobe
  • Call from your phone's address book and MobileGlobe automatically connects your international calls!
Download MobileGlobe for free now!
What they say about us :
I call US and Belgium very often and i love using mobileglobe with my samsung. It's very easy and the quality is just like it was with my operator.
Julie, 03/28/2016
I've been using MobileGlobe since a long time. Very nice. For the application to work, your caller id can't be hidden when you place a call.
Francois, 03/18/2016
With Mobile Globe I can stay in touch with loved ones all over the world without the ridiculous costs which accompanies long distance calls. Its Mobile Globe baby and nothing else for me.
Rene Keller, 01/04/2015