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MobileGlobe for iPhone
No WiFi or 3G needed, nothing to do. Save up to 90% on your international calls and SMS to all your friends in the world! You just download MobileGlobe for iPhone and place your calls very easily using the application.

Download the MobileGlobe application for free!

Once the application is installed, just use it to place your international call the same way you are used to. The only thing which changes is the price of the call!

  • MobileGlobe for iPhone will make you save up to 90% – on your international calls and SMS
  • Use your actual contact list - no need for another address book and new list of contacts
  • Fast connection – calls take 6/7 seconds to connect
  • Perfect quality of calls - we use the same kind of network as regular operators
Download MobileGlobe for free now!
What they say about us :
Just downloaded the new release. Awsome. Seems much faster and even quality of calls seems better than with my operator. The fact that there is no need of wifi is very appreciated. great job
Ahegan, 03/11/2011
I enjoy more with international calls now cause it's cheapest, easiest and fast with Mobileglobe.
Perceval Bob, 01/04/2011
I was using MobileGlobe last year as my company had a global contract with those guys for all BlackBerry. I am glad to see it now exists on iPhone, as I have my own business now. I was confident about the quality of calls as I tried the service but wanted to try the application. My first test went well, it is quite fast and it seems stable. I also sent SMS (which seems to be a new feature) to UK and it worked fine. I will probably move to the unlimited plan if my good testing are confirmed.
Moan14, 07/31/2009